Privacy policy

Applications Demy Like and api our serious about privacy and using the best methods to protect your information you at all costs.

1. Protect your Instagram account and information
We're also committed to not steal, sending or storing passwords on your Instagram account on our server.

We store information related to logging in to Instagram on your device, the data is encrypted in order to try to protect this information in the best way. Be careful in using the ứng dụng of other parties if not clear how it works, and does not share a device with others to prevent stolen information.
We are not responsible for the information that is generated by Demy Like application if your device gets a virus or other malicious software if the data is stolen it.

2. Use of personal information
We use the information collected for display on the application interface to let you know if you're using the account. We also used to support and answer questions for you in case of necessity or for other cases involving the purchase of coins, and orders.

3. Sharing personal information
Except in cases of "Use of personal information" as stated in this policy, we are committed to not disclose your personal information out. But in the case of law enforcement agencies require, we will be obliged to provide this information.

4. Crawl
Through Demy Like application, we collect your personal information on the website (Instagram) as name, avatar, Instagram ID, username, ... when you make login with your account his Instagram through this application to serve the purposes set out in the "use of personal information"

5. Store and read data
The store and read data on your device is important for Demy Like application, so the application will make the data stored and read during your installation and use.
We are committed to not read, steal other data is not stated in the "Archive and read data" on your computer.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove any portion of the Privacy Policy, at any time. The changes take effect immediately when posted on the website without notice. And when you continue to use the Demy Like application, after the changes in regulations and conditions are posted, which means that you accept those changes.

Please check back often for updates on our changes.

Time of updating: 01nd
Latest updated: Tuesday, 10h00 - December 22th, 2017